Ray Is an ABC and BOC Board Certified Prosthetist Orthotist and has been providing patients with Orthotics and Prosthetics care since 1978. He provides patients with custom upper and lower prosthetics and Orthotics including immediate post operative fittings, below and above knee prosthetics using conventional and contemporary designs as in flex socket and gel line application. The above and below elbow prosthetics are fabricated to serve both cosmetics and functional requirements using body powered control and myo electric control. Ray will explain and custom make all prosthetics and orthotics for your personal needs and will be available for any question you may have during the entire process.



Maria brings 24 years experience in managing Business operations including but not limited to filing Insurance, Contract renewals, scheduling patients, Facility policies and more. she earned her Bachelor of Science in Biology in CIT at her home country and have 3 years study in Nursing field and able to took care TBI patients in the past.